Sign Making Company In Deal

deal.jpg If you’re looking for high-quality signage in Deal, Medash Signs is a local company with over forty years of experience making and installing signage for a wide variety of businesses and organisations, including:

- Retail signage
- Commercial and office signage
- Public services signage
- Vehicle graphics
- LED and neon signs
- Engraving and routing
- Point of sale signage
- Display banners and stands for exhibitions and trade shows

Medash Signs has a long history of designing and making top-quality signage for businesses and organisations in Deal across a wide range of industries.

With our experience producing signage for shops, restaurants, museums and tourist attractions, offices, public services, and more, we’re well placed to complete many different kinds of signage projects.

From external signage for retail outlets, eateries and commercial buildings to internal signage for safety, wayfinding and point-of-sale messaging, we can do it all - on time and under budget.

The historic seaside resort town of Deal is a colourful hub of activity with plenty of shops, cafés, tearooms and attractions - and your business needs to stand out with great signage. Here at Medash Signs, we can handle every stage of the process from concept and design through to printing, finishing and installation.

We can even offer ongoing maintenance, cleaning and repairs for our installed signs as part of our after-sales program.

Based in Ashford - only a 45-minute drive away from Deal - Medash Signs has provided high-quality and reliable sign making services in the area since 1977, and in so doing has built a long-lasting reputation for being able to fulfil any signage project with the utmost professionalism.


We are always happy to visit you for a free site survey and to discuss the requirements of your project. For more information, please call us on 01233 625383 or contact us via the website to talk to our excellent team of sign makers today.