Digitally printed wallcoverings

In wallpaper’s long history, digital printing is one of the most recent and most exciting chapters. In this blog post we look at some of the advantages for both manufacturers and consumers, and showcase designs printed and installed by our expert team here at Medash Signs Ltd.

Advantages of digital printing

For manufacturers, there are many advantages of digital printing. Set-up costs are low and waste is minimised, making small print runs and custom-made designs economically viable. It also allows designers to use colours and grading effects that would be prohibitively expensive, or even impossible, with traditional printing methods. And consumers have access to a far wider range of unusual, daring and even totally personalised designs. Everyone’s a winner!

Wide-width and non-repeating patterns

Printing wide-width and non-repeating papers using traditional methods is a labour-intensive and a costly process. Wide-format digital printing has made it much more straightforward and has given manufacturers more flexibility with the designs they can produce.

One-off designs

The ability to change the scale or colours of a design at the click of a button has opened the door onto a fabulous new world of customisable papers that simply wasn’t possible before digitalisation, except at the very highest end of the market. Without the limitations of minimum print runs, designs can be made just for you, tapping into the current trend for personalised interiors.

What to do with those digital photos

What to do with all those digital photos sitting in The Cloud? We suggest turning a few of your favourites into a photo-collage wallpaper! As well as being an industry-changing technology, digital printing can also be an art.

With traditional printing methods, there are restrictions as to the number of colours that can be used, the effects that can be created and the level of detail that can be achieved. Digital printing has removed these restraints, creating an array of new possibilities for manufacturers. It has also enabled high-end companies to reach a new audience. All of this means more choice for consumers, which we can all agree is great news!

If you’d like to join the digital revolution, contact the team at Medash Signs Ltd. We are there to help you every step of the way, from the sourcing to the final installation of your chosen wallcovering.