Why Great Vehicle Signage Is Essential For Your Business

3rd June 2019


Vehicles are everywhere in our modern world, and yet we don’t often think of them as advertising assets. As well as representing an obvious practical solution for transporting people and equipment from place to place, a company vehicle can also be a mobile blank canvas for any kind of messaging and imagery.

An understanding of the many benefits of vehicle signage can make it a no-brainer investment that pays dividends, even years after the fact; let’s take a look at some of the perks afforded by these graphics.

A well-presented vehicle builds customer confidence

For many people, taking a chance on the services of a company with whom they’ve never worked is a risky proposition. They don’t want to have a bad experience, or end up feeling as though they didn’t get their money’s worth - and while we all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, a competitor who seems at first glance to have the more trustworthy presentation might just have the edge.

Therefore, anything you can do to boost your company’s perceived reliability is likely to be a prudent investment. Why turn up with an unmarked Transit van if you can just as well arrive in a nicely turned-out vehicle with immaculately printed logos, branding and contact details on the side?

There are many industries where even loyal repeat customers may never actually visit the business premises of the provider (such as plumbers, electricians, handymen and so on). A dependable client who has used the same window cleaning company for years has probably never actually visited their office - they just pick up the phone.

In these cases, the graphics on the vehicle when it arrives may be the only business signage ever seen by the vast majority of customers - and so it’s important to make sure that said vehicle makes a great impression with a professional, liveried appearance.

Vehicle graphics can generate business

If you think about it, the sides of a van or lorry can essentially be considered mobile billboards that go wherever your business does. People who might be interested in your products or services can learn of your existence from seeing your vehicle parked at the location of a job or out and about on the roads.

In addition, seeing your branded vehicle at the site of another job also brings a certain amount of social proof (the psychology theory that people are more likely to do things that they know other people are already doing). In other words, potential customers will not only see your vehicle graphics and advertising but also know that somebody else has employed your services - which has got to be a reassuring endorsement for an unsure first-time customer.

Accordingly, any potential customer who was considering employing somebody in your field might happen see your vehicle and think, “oh, I was meaning to call somebody to get that done - let me make a note of the number on that van.”

Seen in this way, unadorned business vehicles are simply a missed opportunity for customer acquisition. Nobody ever looks at a blank van and thinks, “I wonder if that’s a company that happens to supply the specific item I was planning to order? I should walk over and ask the driver what he’s here for.”

Vehicle signage is a cheap form of advertising

Given that a branded van or lorry is essentially a big portable billboard that you can park wherever you like, it becomes an unavoidable fact that vehicle advertising works out as one of the most cost-effective forms of outdoor advertising by far.

Traditional billboard advertising is highly competitive, with prime spots at bus stops and train stations frequently fought over by some of the world’s most lucrative brands with money to burn. This drives the prices up, and the adverts aren’t even up for very long - in general, advertising expenditure on a regular billboard buys a limited slot on the calendar for that particular location. If you want your poster up for longer, you have to pay more.

Vehicle signage, however, is a one-time expense. Once you’ve had your graphics designed and installed, your mobile advert is ready to work for you on a long-term basis - and if looked after well it will still be on the side of your van or lorry even years later and looking as good as it did the day that it was applied.

Another great thing with vinyl vehicle signs is that you aren’t stuck with them - they can always be peeled off and replaced with something else if you should ever decide to rebrand or change your messaging in the future.

A vehicle fleet with signage can boost your brand

If your company owns and operates multiple vehicles, the good news is that these can be a great tool for growing your brand. Brand recognition is an incredibly powerful sales tool, and can help to build trust even with customers who have never before engaged your services.

In the same way that the world’s biggest brands have worked to ensure that the Cadbury’s pouring-glasses-of-milk logo is synonymous with chocolate, or that the Apple logo equals elegant electronics design, your uniformly branded vehicles can be out helping to associate specific colours, fonts and design elements with you as the number one choice in your field.

Confidence is incredibly important for customer acquisition, and if people feel as though they have seen your distinctive vehicles around town before they are likely to think of you more as a 'safe pair of hands' for their needs.

Of course, a fleet of immaculately well-presented vehicles is also a good reflection of your business values in general terms, and can make you seem organised and professional in a way that owning a number of unmarked or mismatched vehicles may not.

Ultimately, vehicle signage is a great way to advertise your business and build recognition with your potential customers. We all know that a tidy office and well-dressed staff make a great first impression - and the same is true for your vehicles.

Your vans and lorries are mobile representations of your business and your values; by taking the time to develop excellent vehicle graphics you can take full advantage of the great advertising and branding opportunities available to you, and set yourself apart from your competitors.

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