Is It Time To Update Your Vehicle Signs?

1st November 2019

Update your vehicle signage

Vehicle graphics are a great, cost-effective form of marketing. By applying signage to your van or truck, you can create what is essentially a mobile billboard on wheels - an invaluable asset for local advertising that can be repositioned at will.

Although they can last for a very long time - often years, if looked after properly - vehicle graphics may need to be replaced or updated from time to time to get the best results. It might be necessary to update the design, fix a battered vinyl wrap, or one of numerous other issues that may be holding your vehicles back from their full branding potential.

In this post, we’re going to look at some common vehicle signage issues that might mean it’s time to get them changed...

Old graphics that have seen better days

Unfortunately, vehicle graphics don’t live forever (although they’re typically very durable). Even when looked after carefully, on a long enough timeline they may eventually begin to peel or collect scratches.

Another issue is that as these printed vinyl signs are out and about on the road, day after day in all weathers, it’s common to eventually see sun bleaching and faded colours. If this happens, your once-vibrant designs can gradually lose their lustre.

Of course, if left to happen this can reflect poorly on your brand - you don’t want your company to seem as though it’s lost some of its shine. If it’s been a few years since your vehicle signage was installed, it may be prudent to have a good look at it and check that it doesn’t need a refresh.

Fortunately, vinyl graphics and wraps can be removed from vehicles without too much difficulty, and it shouldn’t be a major undertaking to simply have the graphics printed afresh and re-applied to the van body.

However, you needn’t be limited to simply reprinting the original signage - there might be other amendments you could make while you’re about it...

Improving the design

Not all vehicle signs are created equal - some are far more interesting, colourful, memorable, clear or well-designed than others. Just because your vehicle has signage doesn’t necessarily mean it has good signage.

One common problem with many vehicle designs is too much visual clutter. Many businesses and tradespeople like to put all sorts of details on the side of their van, including their full list of services, phone number, fax, email, website and Twitter handle.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t make for a great design for what is essentially a billboard on wheels - it’s hard to read a design like this when the van is driving past, going around a corner or is far away in the distance!

Another issue can be colour. Depending on the nature of the business, a vehicle owner might be missing a trick by not decorating their van or truck with bright, bold, attention-grabbing colours.

Mediocre typography is another factor that may make your vehicle seem badly-designed. The use of default or unimaginative fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial can reflect poorly on the professionalism of your company - and replacing them with more stylish alternatives can help to communicate the true value of your brand.

If your vehicle signage has clear areas for improvement, getting it redone can be a very sensible investment to ensure that your company is putting its best foot forward.

Matching your current branding

If it’s been a few years since your vehicle signage was originally applied, it’s perfectly possible that your branding may have developed and changed in the intervening time.

Unless you’re still using the same logo, typography and colours that you were years ago, it might be time to update your van graphics to bring them in line with your current approach.

It’s hard to maintain a cohesive brand identity when the styling of your premises, your website and your vehicles don’t harmonise - leaving your customers with a muddled idea of how your company is trying to come across.

By contrast, taking the time to update your vehicle signs to bring them in line with your present look can help you show a unified identity for each aspect of your brand.

For some businesses who may have branded numerous vehicles in slightly differing styles over the years, this may also mean taking the opportunity to have the entire fleet wrapped in a cohesive, uniform style.

Maintaining relevance

Some well-cared-for vehicle graphics might last for seven or eight years - which is a long time in the world of business.

A lot can change in the cultural zeitgeist over such a timeline, and vehicle signage that seemed timely and relevant when it was first printed may no longer have the same impact or pertinency.

It may be valuable to re-assess whether your graphics still speak to the primary concerns of your customers in today’s world, or are timely in other ways.

For example, if you don’t do as much business via phone as you used to (but instead talk to your customers via email and social media) it might be time to swap out the contact details in your design. You could also add design elements that capitalise on modern technology (such as including a QR code that customers could scan with their smartphone).

It can also pay to be mindful of visual design trends, as something that seemed to be a sharp graphic design eight years ago might begin to look a bit passé by present standards. If you’ve leaned heavily on a dated design choice that no longer holds up, it could be a good idea to have your van or truck signage redone.

Your vehicles can be thought of as ambassadors for your business, and are often the first or only introduction to your visual branding that customers might see - so it’s important to make a good impression.

By keeping your vehicle signage up-to-date, maintaining it in good condition and seizing the opportunity to make the most of this mobile marketing outlet, your company can ensure that it continues to be presented in the best light to all new potential customers.

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