When it comes to deciding on a banner stand and thinking of your design, the biggest decision for many companies is often “What sort of banner should I go for?” Well, there are plenty of options including, a large banner, small banner, a roller stand, a pop up stand or a pull up stand. Many companies can often mistake these different types of banner stands when ordering, so to help you better understand these different types, we thought we would take a look at the differences between pop up and pull up banner stands and what each one is.

What is a pop-up banner stand?

As the name suggests, a pop-up banner is one in which you “pop up”. These tend to be a bit larger than pull up banners and are very popular for trade shows and exhibitions. The various sections of the banner stand is clicked together to make one impressive banner stand. Pop up stands are also more expensive the pull-up stands.

Prices start from £675.00 + vat for a 3 x 3 display.

What is a pull-up banner stand?

A pull up banner stand is one that you simply pull up and can set up in a matter of seconds. They can also be known as roll up or roller banner stands and tends to be 2 metre’s high with differing widths depending on your needs. This can be printed on one or two sides and are much cheaper than their pop up alternatives. Pull up stands are easy to set up and collapse, making them a popular choice for sales teams who regularly visit trade shows. The low cost also makes them an ideal choice for point of sale inside your place of business. These start from £88.00 + vat for a 2m x 800mm.