The Advantages Of LED Shop Signs

12th June 2019


Shop signage has long been an essential sales tool for shopkeepers the world over. The fascia board above the door of any retail outlet provides a key space for messaging, telling the world the name of your business, what you offer, and the essentials of your visual branding; it is, in some respects, your most crucial piece of advertising.

With that in mind, it makes good sense to get the most from your shop signage and do everything you can to help it stand out and communicate clearly to everybody who might happen to encounter your premises. Illumination is a go-to strategy for many retail business owners - and a glowing fascia sign can be a stylish and attention-grabbing addition to any shop.

In fact, there are numerous advantages to enhancing your shopfront signage with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) - let’s take a look at some of them now.

Better visibility

If your customers are likely to want to find you after dark, illuminated signage is a must-have. Without it, your store may disappear into the shadows as night falls - but bright LED lighting for a retail outlet can act as a lighthouse, communicating to would-be customers from many directions that your store is there and ready for business.

Even if you don’t actually operate after dark, your signage can continue to glow throughout the night and act as a constant advertisement for your presence - planting the knowledge in the heads of passers-by that you exist and that they could visit you during daylight hours.

Increased visibility isn’t only a concern at night, as illuminated signage can also help your customers to find you during periods of inclement weather. Heavy fog or a torrential downpour needn’t obscure your fascia from the eyes of your customers, and with the installation of some LEDs your name and messaging can shine out like a beacon.

Aside from the practical benefits of having a strikingly bright and illuminated sign, there is also the aesthetic benefit of your store appearing to be vibrant and alive. Few businesses want to appear to be a shrinking violet - and by glowing strongly morning, noon and night your shop can make a major statement in your location.

Energy and cost

Powering an electrical installation around the clock may not immediately sound like the most cost-effective or environmentally friendly idea in the world, but in fact LED lighting is highly optimised in these regards.

LEDs actually consume surprisingly little electricity; whereas old-school neon lighting might need anything from 2,000 to 15,000 volts to operate, LEDs can do the job with 24 volts.

Nor are LED lights as prone to breaking as the comparatively fragile glass tubes of a neon sign, and they don’t contain potentially hazardous gases (such as mercury, which is sometimes added to neon tubes to produce different colour effects).

They also produce very little heat - a common culprit of energy wastage when using traditional forms of lighting.

The upshot is that LED illumination is not only cheaper and more eco-friendly to run than classic alternatives, it is also much less likely to require expensive repairs - meaning you can run it around the clock without emptying your bank account or having the health of the planet on your conscience.

LED lighting can also last for an extremely long time before it needs to be replaced - many LEDs have a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours - meaning that even if you ran them literally twenty-four hours a day and never ever switched them off, you could expect them to last for more than five years.

Of course, if you were to only switch them on after dark, you could potentially get even more mileage out of them than that - perhaps ten years or more.

Aesthetics and branding

LEDs can be used in a variety of ways to give different cosmetic effects. They might be placed behind raised letters or shapes to give an elegant halo or backlit effect - or encased in a construction of opal acrylic for a glowing lightbox look.

Of course, LEDs are also available in a variety of colours, and more hue options can be created by placing coloured film over an acrylic lightbox cover - meaning that you have a variety of options for colourful, on-brand illuminated signage. (As an aside, while we take the colour potential of light-emitting diodes for granted in today’s world, blue LED lighting was once such a headache for scientists that the team who eventually solved the riddle were awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics!)

Thanks to the sophistication of today’s LED technology, it can be incorporated into a variety of branding designs with relative ease - helping your chosen name, logo and colours shine brightly throughout all hours and draw new customers to your location.

Having your branding and messaging brightly on display around the clock can give your business an air of permanence, which can be crucial for building trust and authority in your local community. It’s good for passers-by to see your logo as a reassuring, abiding feature of their landscape that is unmoved by the weather or the time of day - helping them to know that your business will always be there if they need it.

LED lighting can also be a key means of differentiating your store from those of your competitors. Being the only business to have a brightly lit presence can stand you out from the crowd - and in some cases literally outshine the competition.

In conclusion, furnishing your shop fascia signage with LED illumination is something of a no-brainer. From increased visibility to cost-effectiveness, ease of maintenance and improved branding aesthetics, the benefits of brightly lit shop signs are obvious - making them a prudent investment for any shop owner.

After all, your business doesn’t have to go dark at the same time as the sky - and with an LED shop sign, you can continue to glow throughout all hours of the day and night.

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