Contemporary Signage Trends: An Overview

11th December 2019

Contemporary signage trends

Signage is an artform that has been around for centuries, and like any creative field with a long history, it has its own fads and fashions that come and go with time.

With over forty years of experience providing signage solutions for enterprises in Kent and nationwide, we've been able to observe the changing of the sign industry seasons with interest. With the end of the year - and the decade! - fast approaching, we thought it would be good to look at some of today's commercial signage trends and examine some of the stylistic choices that are currently in fashion.

If you're looking to get new signage for your business in 2020, you'll likely want to invest in something modern-looking and on-trend - and this article will get you thinking along the right lines…


One thing we're seeing more of today than ever before is illuminated signage.

In part, this may be due to the fact that lighting technology is better than it's ever been. LEDs can be manufactured more cheaply and in more colours than at any prior time in history - and they represent the most energy-efficient method of creating illuminated signs.

The days of old-fashioned neon lighting are mostly behind us; these days, almost everybody uses LEDs unless they specifically want that old-school aesthetic. As a technology, neon was quite limited - it consumed a lot of power, involved potentially harmful gases and chemicals such as mercury, and was difficult to form into complicated designs. However, some business owners still love the look today and seek to use it for a retro effect.

Another reason for the rise in illuminated signage is that more businesses operate throughout the night than ever before. In a world now full of 24-hour supermarkets, petrol stations, nightclubs, hotels and other late-night establishments, more and more people are investing in glowing signs to advertise their business.

The upgrading of the London Underground to an all-night service in 2016 is a testament to the recent rise in after-dark public activity in our modern towns and cities, and illuminated signage has a major role to play in this cultural change.

Whether a lightbox-style sign with internal illumination, or a backlit sign with LEDs built into the rear to cast light back against the wall behind the letters, illuminated signage in all its forms is more popular than ever.

Interior signs


Outdoor signage is the first thing most people think of when they think of the word 'signage', and storefront signs and fascia boards are an extremely important marketing asset to attract customers to your place of business.

However, your visual branding doesn't have to stop at the front door. Today, more and more businesses are thinking about signage as something that has a place throughout their premises, with interior signage to provide wayfinding, information, visual branding and storytelling, safety messages, and other functions across their indoor spaces.

We've also seen a rise in the use of indoor wall prints and murals. With modern advances in wide format printing technology, we're able to produce very large pieces of wall art that can add an enormous amount of character to any internal space.

More businesses are thinking about the value of branding than ever before, and interior walls represent a great opportunity to display additional text or imagery for customers and visitors. Another such opportunity is...

Vehicle signage


While vehicle advertising has been a well-established concept in general for over a hundred years, the possibility of wrapping a car, van or lorry with printed vinyl has only really come into prominence in the last twenty years - and the options for branding a vehicle with artwork have exploded exponentially.

Whereas in the past vehicle designs were traditionally implemented either with vinyl letter cutouts or a custom paint job, modern technological advances have made printed vehicle wraps much more prevalent and cost-effective.

Today we can offer stunning all-over vinyl wraps for businesses big and small, and the demand for them has only increased in recent years. For many enterprises such as plumbers and window cleaners (and other services where customers don't usually visit the premises, but instead simply call up and have somebody come to them) the company vehicle may well be the only visual branding seen by most of the public - so it's no surprise that so many organisations are keen to get their van branding just right.

With carefully chosen graphics, a vehicle can essentially become a giant billboard on wheels that travels wherever your business does - and unlike a billboard, you only pay for it once. This cost-effectiveness has made vinyl vehicle wraps a very popular choice for many companies operating today (and when looked after properly, vehicle graphics can last for many long years without needing to be replaced).

Window graphics


Of course, signs don't just have to be on the walls. In recent times, we've seen a marked increase in the use of vinyl graphics to add branding and imagery to windows and other expanses of glass.

Whether these are used to display artwork or information for an enterprise that's currently open for business, or full-window coverings to conceal the work taking place inside premises that are being refurbished, window graphics are a versatile and stylish investment for any public-facing company.

Especially for business locations with large numbers of windows, some expanses of glass can actually be great opportunities for branding and marketing. In many cases, they can become effectively a giant canvas for your brand assets - and more and more companies than ever are taking advantage of this possibility.

The sign industry has changed a lot over the course of our history here at Medash Signs, and by staying on top of all of the changes we have been able to offer top-quality signage throughout the years.

As we enter the new decade of the 2020s, we'll keep a keen ear to the ground to ensure we're always a step ahead of the winds of change - and whatever the signage trends of tomorrow will bring, we'll be there with the tools and expertise to deliver the goods.

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