How To Boost Your Brand With Vehicle Signage

28th February 2020

Vehicle signage

We don’t commonly think of vehicles as marketing assets, but we should.

Their usefulness isn’t restricted to simply transporting people and goods from place to place. Your business vehicles can also be thought of as essentially mobile canvases for marketing messages and imagery.

If your business owns at least one vehicle, you can make use of vehicle signage to spread awareness of your brand far and wide and display your logo anywhere your drivers go.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the key advantages of vehicle signage - and some professional design techniques to get the most out of the medium.

Familiarity and trust

Consumer trust is important. For customers who haven’t worked with you before, they may be cautious and wondering if your company is reliable, efficient, or otherwise any good.

Some of this can come from the never heard of you factor. Most of us don’t like to Google for a service and immediately contact the first company that comes up. We might read reviews or client testimonials, or perhaps be drawn to a different company whose name rings a faint bell of recognition.

Brand recognition is extremely important in these situations. Studies show that given two or more purchase options, consumers will tend to favour the brand they’ve heard of (even if they don’t have any particular reason to think that it’s objectively better). Subconsciously, we often tend to equate having heard of something with assuming that it has a reputation for quality.

It follows that if your potential customers have seen your vehicles and your branding before in their neighbourhood they will be more inclined to think, ‘oh, I’ve heard of that company’ when looking for services in your industry.

Generating business

One way to think about vehicle signage is that you basically become the owner of a billboard on wheels - and as such, these signs can play a vital role in customer acquisition.

In a way, a prospect who sees your vehicle attending another job is viewing both an advertisement and an endorsement. They know instantly that someone else likes your company enough to entrust you with business, and this type of social proof can do wonders for your brand reputation.

After all, from your customers’ point of view, it makes sense to go with a company that seems to be in high demand. The more they see you around, the better and more trustworthy your business will appear.

If your vehicles are going to be out and about anyway, why not put messaging on them? You might be missing out on new leads.

The right price

As it turns out, vehicle signage is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising you can invest in.

Given that your decorated vehicle is essentially a mobile billboard (as mentioned earlier), it is nevertheless significantly less expensive to establish than a traditional billboard advertisement. For a normal billboard, you have to pay a lot of money for only a limited window of time, and it won’t be long before your poster is pulled out and replaced with an ad for something else unless you keep paying.

After all, traditional billboard adverts are often placed by huge corporations with massive marketing budgets. With movie studios and multinational brands advertising their brands, these public posters are often very competitive and overpriced.

Vehicle signage, on the other hand, is a one-time investment that lasts for a very long time. If the vinyl wrap is looked after properly, it can last for many years.

Reach a new audience

One of the big advantages of vehicle signage is the ability to further the reach of your brand, outside of your immediate local area.

With vehicle signage, your brand imagery and messaging can be seen in the next town over, on the other side of the county, or even further afield.

Another thing to bear in mind is that vehicle advertising is one of the only ways to put messaging in front of a traditionally hard-to-reach individual - the in-transit motorist.

A person driving on a motorway (and not listening to the radio or other streaming audio service) is nearly immune to outside advertising. They may pass the occasional billboard, but with their eyes on the road, the effect of these may be limited.

However, the stuck-in-traffic driver can be shown your vehicle graphics without any problem at all when your employee pulls up next to them in your branded van.

Vehicle signage design tips

So what makes a good vehicle signage design? Here are some tips:


  • Make sure your design is readable from a distance. As your vehicle graphics will likely be seen in motion, something clear and simple is often recommended.
  • Bold colours are a great idea. An eye-catching design can be excellent for brand recognition and customer acquisition - and a distinctive brand colour can do wonders for your image.
  • Try not to use too many design elements. You don’t need much more than your name, logo, and some contact details - don’t be tempted to put lots of other clutter on there.
  • Strong contrast can help with clarity. Lightly coloured text on a dark background is easy to read - even in full sunlight.
  • Consistency with your other branding materials is very important. If people become familiar with the sight of your bright green vans around town, but find red-and-yellow imagery when they later look you up on Twitter, they might wonder if they have the right company - and that positive brand recognition is lost.
  • It’s a good idea to strive for distinctiveness from your competitors. If a rival company has red vans, it might be a good idea to make yours blue.

Unmarked business vehicles are surely a major missed opportunity for branding and advertising. With today’s printing technology, full-body vinyl wraps can transform any car, van, bus or truck into a mobile advertisement.

Adorned with eye-catching designs, your vehicles can be out and about every day turning heads and building brand familiarity in your location - and all the while helping your company reach ever greater levels of success.

Please contact us today to find out how we can help with your vehicle signage project.